Pause to Consider: What is My Teaching Legacy?

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Many teachers start out their careers with grand aspirations in mind. They want to make a difference, implement new ways of learning, and change lives. This might last for a year or two, but after spending enough time in the daily grind of teaching these grand aspirations can get dimmer and dimmer. In the overwhelm of lesson planning, assessments, trainings, report cards, remote learning, and responding to emails, teachers can often lose their sense of purpose that was so evident to them in the beginning.

As the end of the school approaches, it can be a great time to pause and reconnect with why you’re a teacher and think about your teaching legacy. Consider the questions in the blog post below from HyperDocs, and the recommended resources to adapt for your classroom.


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What is My Teaching Legacy?

CONSIDER for yourself: 

    • What will my legacy be? What do I want to be known for? 
    • What will my students say about you years from now? 
    • What will my impact be? 

CONSIDER for your lesson design: 

    • What concepts or lessons will you slow down to accentuate? 
    • What will you zoom past?
    • What HyperDocs can I create to highlight the most important concepts?

Below you will find three HyperDocs that we want to share with you that represent who we are, in part, as lesson designers. We hope these HyperDocs promote thought-provoking moments for you and your students.*Once you FILE>MAKE A COPY, please remember to always check the lesson for age-appropriateness, links, etc. We encourage you to remix these lessons and adapt to your own classroom needs. 

High School Community HyperDoc
In this HyperDoc, you will explore the idea of community as it relates to YOU and OTHERS.

Cultivate, Craft, Celebrate Creativity
This lesson encourages teachers to share out their creative strengths to enhance team building! 

The Manifesto HyperDoc
This HyperDoc will highlight the many ways to enhance learning with just one single lesson. 

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As you scramble to get all your tasks done and finish the school year well, this exercise may feel like a waste of time. You might know that it’s important to do, and you truly want to do it, but are tempted to put it off for a while. In either case, give yourself permission to take the time do it, then share your goals directly with your students. You may find that it helps recenter your lesson planning – making decisions easier moving forward – and even provide the words your students need to hear to inspire them as they continue their journey of self-discovery.

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